NDA Wins By-poll - Set Back for Congress, SP

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On 16th February, 2016 there was by poll in 12 seats of different assembly seats across the country. Out of 12, BJP lead NDA wins 7 seats while huge setback for Congress and SP in some states. Below is detail analysis of By poll results of 16th Feb.

On 13th Feb, 12 assembly seats of UP, Bihar, MP, Punjab, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tripura and Telangana. below is seat wise result of By-poll of assembly seats.
As you can see above, BJP lead NDA won 7 seat out of 12 seats today. Though, most of them seats are retained by them while Congress lose a lot in Karnataka and Samajwadi party in Uttar Pradesh. Both Congress and samajwadi party are ruling parties in karnataka and UP respectively.

While in Punjab, Both Congress and AAP didn't fight election and gifted Khadoor Sahib seat to Akali Dal. But Yogendra Yadav's Swaraj Abhiyan did fought by election but lose it (who are planing to fight punjab assembly election seriously next year). AAP who is raising star in Punjab also opted out not to fight by poll and to strengthen main assembly election.

BJP, Shiv Sena and RLSP retained their seats in Maharashtra, Madhya pradesh and Bihar. Where Congress performed very poorly and failed to use anti incumbency in all 3 states. TRS (which is newly formed party after divided from Congress) is ruling Telangana and won this by poll with huge margin.

In Uttar Pradesh,its a huge set back for Ruling party SP and main opposition BSP who both failed to get seats. Though, SP won Bikapur seat (actually retained) but lose Muzzafar nagar and deoband seat. UP is going in assembly polls next year and this shows quite huge anti-incumbency in UP against Ruling party.

After Bihar and Gujarat's election where BJP even failed to retain power is coming back to track while opposition still found devised and clueless.


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