Is Jungle Raj 2 in Bihar Again?

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The most talked topic in India is JUGNLE RAJ 2. But what is Jungle Raj? When was Jungle Raj 1? How to predict Jungle Raj in bihar? So, here is some fact check about Jungle Raj in Bihar. Do read and decide yourself.

Is Jungle Raj 2 in Bihar Again?

Jungle Raj 2 in Bihar
Update :- here we got some more figures, where it shows that Bihar having worst figure of law and order in india. In last two months, 23 kidnapping cases and total 578 murders case registered. 578 murders in two months means 10 murders a day (nearly) and one murder at every 2.5 hrs. (source)

Earlier, when Lalu Prasad Yadav was Chief Minister of Bihar, there was massive gunda raj in bihar. The tenure was 10 March 1990 to 2nd March 2000. In this 10 year, 3 times Bihar chief minister's seat was changed. But it was devoted to one family.Yes it was Lalu Prasad Yadav who 1st time swarn in 90s, later in 95 there was president rule, but again he become CM of Bihar for 2000 days. When he goes to jail, his wife Rabri devi become CM of bihar. Again president rule came in 99 for few days and again rabri devi become CM for 1 year. you can check the list of ex chief ministers of bihar here.

If you ask to any of the old person in your family,they will tell you lots of "Jungle Raj" Stories, what was happening at those days. Rape, Murder, crime was at pick. Imagine you are going in train and anyone comes to you, show you GUN and stolen your purse, laptop or anything. And you can't do anything. If you file complain to police, they instead of taking steps to caught criminal, they blame you.

Thrilling isn't it? Let me add more. When Lalu prasad yadav's daughter was getting married. Since he was Ex-CM and King maker of indian politics, many big politician came to Patna. To receive guest at patna airport, party members of Lalu yadav had STOLEN new cars from car showrooms (of course on gun point) and drive like hell, and when the car become no more to drive, either some of them returned to car showrooms and some even didn't care about it.

This is not my personal experience, it is officially printed in news papers that 50 cars are stolen by Lalu army. but you can hear many more small jungle raj stories from your parents.And we all know 100s of bollywood movies are made on Kidnapping business of bihar. Either "gangajal" or Apharan" or many more. The list is long.

So Is Jungle Raj 2 in Bihar Again?

Just after Lalu's family exits from CM seat of bihar, Bihar got the best chief minister, Nitish Kumar. Yes, he is best till the date but for sack of make her political career alive, he joined hands with worst CM of Bihar, Lalu Yadav.

So, whats happening in new bihar? Just within months of alliance government came in power, new generation is experiencing Jungle Raj.Below is some highlights of Jungle Raj in bihar;

On above tweets you can see how 2 road construction related engineer are shot dead in day light. Ok, such incidents might be happening in many more states, but not like what below mentioned people experienced. People who did crime are fearless, stays there, review it and then disappear from crime spot.

Till i writing this, none of the criminal caught by police in engineer murder case.These are just kidnapping and murder related issues, Rape is another thing which is increasing. People are in fear. Does bihari people made mistake by choosing wrong govt? Is jungle raj 2 is bihar? 

Whats your answer, do comment your take on this.


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