Assam Assembly Election 2016

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One of the Upcoming Election in India in the year 2016 is Assam Assembly Election 2016. Assam is one of the strong hold state of Indian National Congress, where Congress's Tarun Gogoi is serving as Chief minister of Assam since 15 years. On this page we will update the news and updates related to political alliance and arithmetic-chemistry of politics in Assam. We at Political Adda will cover everything related to politics in India.

Assam Assembly Election 2016 - Political Updates

Assam Assembly Election 2016
Update :- Congress party members are split over AIUDF tie-up. since AIUDF represent bangladeshi muslims, some of congress leaders feeling that if they make alliance with AIUDF, hindu may vote against congress. They may try to form post-poll alliance with AIUDF, and ask AIUDF to fight on limited seats only.

Update :- Our News got confirmation, Congress going to have alliance with AIUDF and AGP in upcoming assembly election in assam. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and Prashant Kishor make this deal. Repeating Bihar's Formula, creating Anti-BJP alliance, to stop BJP for ruling Assam.

On the first update, Congress (the ruling party) is not going to change their CM candidate. Tarun Gogoi who will turn 80 year in this April, 2016 will be again CM candidate for Assam. While In opposition, First time BJP is leading Assam Opposition. Yes, till date All India United Democratic Front, Bodoland People's Front and Asom Gana Parishad are biggest opposition party in Assam.

The Arithmetic comes into BJP's side after 2014 General Election where BJP wins 7 out of 14 of the MP seats and first time ever won local civic polls in assam. So, 15 years of anti-incumbency will create some storm for Tarun Gogoi while 5 MLA party BJP will enjoy win-win situation in Assam. 

BJP's positive points

Since after Bihar's big lose, it is important for BJP to register one big win in 2016. Also, This is the only election where BJP can make some presence. So, to get most of it, BJP is all set to make alliance with Bodoland People's Front (BPF) in assam (BPF was earlier in Tarun Gogoi's government alliance partner). BPF has currently 12 MLA in 126 seats of assembly house. 

In the major setback to tarun gogoi, 9 Congress MLA were joined BJP in past months which lead by Ex- Minister Hemanta biswas sharma who is big face of Assam government. BJP is getting some success in terms of political chemistry. But still congress is big player in assam with 78 seats in assembly house.

Also learning from Bihar Election Results, BJP may project CM face in Assam. Union minister and recently made BJP Assam Chief Sarbananda Sonowal might be projected as CM face of Assam. Under Sarbananda Sonowal's leadership, BJP won 7 General election seats in 2014, after that he made union minister.

Negative points for BJP

Congress still can create Maha-alliance (just like Bihar) and invades BJP easily.All India United Democratic Front and Assam Gona Parishad may join hands with Congress to defeat "communal party". Also, Prashant Kishor who was Mahagathbandhan's strategist in bihar is also helping congress in assam.

Congress's Positive points

Secular face of Tarun gogoi, 15 years of good governance may still give one more reason for Congress to win Assam Assembly Election 2016. Prashant kishor may again re-unite "opposition" in assam. Good deal with All India United Democratic Front and Assam Gona Parishad can give big jolt to BJP's winning dream of assam. Even Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had done several meetings with All India United Democratic Front and Assam Gona Parishad leaders to form big alliance.

Negative Points for Congress INC

Out of All India United Democratic Front and Assam Gona Parishad, All India United Democratic Front may hardly accept to unite as it will be survival challenge for them. As they opposed Congress since 15 years and joining hands will lose big votes for them.In answer to Prashant Kishor, BJP got ex team member (of prashant kishor) "Rajat Sethi" who is helping BJP in Assam. Rajat sethi and other member were ex team member of prashant kisore (at the time of 2014 General Election).

Congress leaders is still in over confidence while they are mocking BJP leaders like Smirit irani (who is called sister of PM Modi). Congress leaders said Smriti irani is half wife of PM Modi, such statements will easily help BJP to achieve half mark in Assembly house. Personal attacks hardly help ruling party.

These are some updates for Assam Assembly Election 2016. The election will be held near by April End or May first week, and as done in last assembly election, mostly it will be in two phase election. The election date of Assam Assembly Election 2016 will be soon released from Election commission of India. Keep looking at this space for more updates.


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