Modi Reminds 84's Sikh Riots to Congress over Growing Intolerance

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Today while addressing rally in bihar, Shri Modi Reminds 84's Sikh Riots to Congress over allegation of increase in Intolerance in country. When Narendra modi came today to address 3 public rally in bihar ahead of 5th phase of election in bihar. 

While he didn't miss to attack Nitish - Lalu over scams and jungle raj allegation. Also, Today is anniversary of 2 decade old sikh riots which happened in Delhi and other states of india, when Ex Prime minister Indira Gandhi got dead shoot by sikh security guard.

Since after dadri incident, 100+ sahityakar, writers and filmmaker started returning their national awards in protest to Increased Intolerance. The opposition was targeting BJP and Modi over this since last few days, but Today Prime Minister modi breaks silence over Intolerance and accused congress for making false allegation on him.

Also, Modi accused congress over making politics on riots, and dis-respect Sikh Community, since few congress leaders were accused over riots charges in 84's sikh riots. He said "Does Congress remember what happened on 2nd Nov 84 when Sikhs were being killed in Delhi.Ironically on 2 Nov only Cong talks of tolerance".

In return, Congress leader Anand sharma did press conf and said that "PM's stmnt is politically motivated,a mischievous attempt to reopen the wounds of 31 years ago when India did suffer a tragedy".

In Sikh Riots, Just in 3 days almost 30000 sikh were killed from 1st nov to 3rd nov in india.


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