EC Bans Political Advertisement Before Final Voting in Bihar

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In Today's major newspaper in patna has BJP's AD which was quite a direct and sharp attack on Nitish-lalu duo. As we all know, Tomorrow on 5th phase of election, bihar will vote for most crucial phase of bihar election. In 5th phase, Seemanchal and Mithilanchal, two most crucial part of bihar to vote on 57 assembly seats.

Ahead of that, BJP today printed below ad, in which they quoted statements of lalu prasad yadav on beef (which draw quite huge attention and damaged MGB campaign very high), RJD's Raghuvansh Prasad Singh and Sidhdhar maiyaa of Congress (CM of karnataka). BJP directly asking CM nitish kumar that is he approving the above statements on beef by RJD and Congress leaders or not?

Stop vote bank politics and explain whether you endorse these statements," the ad says, below is the ad of which MGB leaders complained to EC against BJP;

Since there are chance of high polarization in 5th phase, between ECB and Muslim votes, this ad may benefit BJP+ and damage MGB. (since Nitish kumar not going to answer to this ad). First ad in pakistan news paper and now this, at both of the time, MGB damaged high in 4th and (likely) in 5th phase too.

So, Upon the complain of MGB leaders, Election commission today banned all political parties ad in tomorrow's newspaper as it may polarize the voters in 5th phase. Only Ad content which are cleared by Election commission can only published in news papers.

Looks like MGB is totally trapped by BJP's campaign, first in Pakistan news paper ad now this ad, (as nitish kumar can't publish the answer) and its almost too late to clarify to the voters as voters are, anyhow going to caste their votes tomorrow.


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