BJP Rocks Kerala Civic Polls Results 2015

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Election results of Kerala Civic Polls 2015 Announced and for the first time BJP done very well in Kerala (in any poll). Kerala Civic Polls were fought between UDF vs LDF vs BJP. Congress lead UDF is currently rulling party in Kerala while LDF (left front ) is in opposition.

As we know, BJP was no where in picture in kerala but this time they opened account in kerala too.

In Palakkad Municipal elections, BJP got 24, UDF 16 and LDF and other shares 6 seats respectively. In 2010, BJP won 15 seats only.

In Thripunithura municipality LDF wins, BJP comes as opposition and UDF pushed to 3rd position. In 2010, BJP had 6 seats while this time they won 36, CPM won 42 and UDF won 21 seats.

In Thrissur Municipality Election, BJP had won 2 seats in 2010, but in 2015  they have 6 seats, LDF won 23 and UDF 21.

In Kozhikode Municipality election, BJP won 24 (21 in 2010), LDF 6 and UDF 16.

Block Panchayat Results: LDF-90 , UDF-61, Others-1 ,BJP- 0, 
Gram Panchayat Results: LDF-588 UDF-368 Others-15 BJP-13.

It might be not win for BJP but good sign for BJP, and of course bad sign for Congress as in upcoming assembly election, BJP will fight even more stronger. After KDMC civic polls, BJP performed back to back civic polls. Now BJP supporters might be waiting for Bihar assembly election results which are going to announce tomorrow.


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