Bihar Election Exit Poll 2015

Bihar Election 2015 Exit Poll are declared on 5th november 2015. As per EC Guidelines, Media can show Exit poll only after all phase of polling has been done and today the final phase of polling is done and now all news channels and news paper will show their exit polls, who will win bihar election 2015.

Bihar Election Exit Poll 2015

Bihar Election Exit Poll 2015

Channel name BJP+ RJD+ Others
India Today Cicro 113-127   111-123  -
Times Now-Cvoter 111 122  -
NewsX 90-100 130-140  -
News Nation 115-119 120-124 -
NDTV 116 122 7
Today's Chanakya 155 83 5
ABP News 108 130 5
VDPAssociates Exit Poll 141 90 5
Janta Ka Mood 138 102 3
NDTV Exit Poll 120-130 105-115 5-10
IBTL Exit Poll 153 83 7
Bihar Election Exit Poll 2015

So, here we will put the exit polls of the all news channels.The election was announced month back and now the final phase of election is done. As per the schedule and guidelines, its time for the exit polls. Exit polls are always much closer to final election results than Opinion polls.

We will update all exit polls, Zee News Exit polls, Aaj tak exit poll, Times now exit poll, Todays chanakya Exit poll and many more.

Though, most of the time even exit polls and even satta bazar failed to predict the correct seat sharing in any election, but definitely they are near to results for sure many time. So, checking exit polls is definitely a good job.

As of now, no exit polls are announced, we will update you here with latest figures of bihar exit polls.

This election was started with many surprising things, like first nitish kumar joined hands with Lalu prasad yadav, than SP Congress joined and created mahagathbandhan. Later, SP exits from MGB. Than unexpectedly Congress gets 40 seats to contest in bihar election from MGB. Jiten ram manjhi created new political party and joins BJP+, BJP announce 1.65k Crore of Package for Bihar and than whole election campaign diverted to beef and cast politics.

Just after Lalu prasad yadav made statement on "this election is fight between lower and upper caste", and dadri incident, all beef politics were came here, later RSS cheif mohan bhagwat made statement on Reservation and MGB picked up very well. But the same issue when PM Modi picked up that MGB leaders wants reservation on religion, they found playing foul.

And Than Tantrik to Jyotish, to pakistan - bangladesh, Nepal, all were introduced in bihar election poll :D

This all statements and issues will reflect in election results, though the core issue of Bihar is well diverted by Nitish kumar (as BJP is opposition, one can't blame them). Atlest i am very much exited for the Exit polls, lets see hows the Election result of Bihar Assembly Election 2015.


  1. Grand Allience will definately get majority in bihar elections of assembly 2015.

  2. All the parties have not played mature politics in bihar assembly elections 2015 and Election Commission has also remained failure to perform their duties this time.

    1. Agree,Word to word. Core issues like literacy rate, "palayan from bihar", education, electricity are well diverted by parties.

  3. The exit polls will come at what time?

  4. wht is the current trend in satta bazar sachin ji

  5. Bjp will get separately 135+