Election Result of Bihar Assembly Election 2015

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The Wait is over, the month awaited results of Bihar Assembly Election 2015 is going to announce on 8th November, 2015. We at http://www.bihar-election.in/ going to update each and every update related to Bihar Assembly Election Results 2015 here.
Bihar Assembly Election Results 2015

Update Final results is announced, below is seat wise projection and voting percentage of each party;
Bihar Assembly Election 2015

Bihar Assembly Election 2015

Update :- as per the results, BJP simply didn't match the arithmetic, try well for chemistry. Below is comparison of All party's performance in Last assembly election and in present;
Bihar Assembly Election 2015

As per the Exit polls, some exit polls has predicted tough fight, while the most trust worthy exit poll, Today's Chanakya predicted win for BJP lead NDA with 150+ seats. While India today and C-voter predicts minor edge of MGB Alliance in bihar election 2015.

The clear picture will be available only tomorrow when the counting will start. Election commission of india has put 120 counting booth for counting votes of 243 assembly constituency.

By Sharp 8 AM, The counting will start, lead ration will start putting up by 9 AM and mostly result will be declared by 12- or 1 PM.

This year, Bihar has voted record break, as per the study, Bihar Assembly Election 2015 recorded highest 57% (over all) voting turn out till date, which very good and amazing.So, this time its all going to amazing, and most of the people are waiting for results.

At the time i am writing this, less than 12 hours are remaining before counting start, so stay tune with us and wait for detail Bihar Assembly Election Results 2015.

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