Lalu Prasad Yadav Calls "haramzada" to Media

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Since after the "beef" Controversy, RJD Boss Lalu prasad yadav is hiding from media at most. But today he broke his peace and called media "haramzada". Since long after lalu prasad yadav made statement that hindus too eat beef, opposition has made strong protest and asked to be sorry for making such false and baseless statement.
Lalu Prasad Yadav Calls "Haramzaade" to Media

Today,when media people try to get his feedback on beef controversy, RJD boss lost his peace and said that "haramzada" media has misquoted his statement. Media people are not happy with such ugly statements.

Also, in other controversy, Tejasvi yadav and tejpratap yadav (son of lalu prasad yadav) who also contesting bihar election has raised new controversy. Tejpratap yadav is elder son and tejasvi is younger one, but in affidavit provided to election commission (at the time of filing nomination) the younger son mentioned age of 26 and elder son has 25th year old.

Since after back to back controversy, Lalu prasad yadav is in problem since opposition got free topic to attack on RJD and JDU while Nitish Kumar is keep quite on both of the controversy.

It will be nice to see how theses both controversy will be give results to BJP in coming days. While the earlier case of calling bihar election has battle of forward and backward still pending at election commission.


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