Indian Express Survey - BJP Strong in Urban Areas, Weak in Rural

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Just a Week Before 1st phase poll in bihar assembly, Indian Express has released their pre-poll survey on bihar assembly election 2015. The Survey says that BJP is winning all the way, Maha gathbandhan is not sure to get more seats.

Indian Express Survey - BJP Strong in Urban Areas, Weak in Rural

The findings of a pre-poll survey conducted in the last week of September by Lokniti-CSDS, exclusively for The Indian Express, indicate that the BJP alliance is poised to surge ahead of the Maha Gathbandhan by a margin of at least four per cent.
Indian Express Survey
As per the poll, which was done in last week of september 2015, 42% people wants NDA to win while 38% people wants RJD+ to win and 20% with others. By looking at this stastics , it is clear that NDA will win.

But the real thing is as per the 2011 Population census, 11.2% people of bihar lives in urban areas and 89% people lives in Rural areas. And As per the vote share, Only 2% of vote difference among NDA and grand alliance.

So, such 2% of vote share can be wipe out any time, and both party have equal chance to win rural seats in bihar polls. We have wait 1 more month to get more facts on bihar election results.

Among Favorite CM race, 27% people wants Nitish kumar to become CM again, 14% people wants sushil modi to become CM of bihar And 24 % people wants other party's CM.

The survey has done on 30 seats of bihar assembly with 2079 Respondents.


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