Maha Svarth Bandhan is Nothing but Big Boss House - PM Modi

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Only 4 days left before 1st phase of Bihar assembly election, and all political parties are doing everything they can do for poll campaign. Today, Prime minister Narendra Modi did 4 rallies in bihar, Samastipur, Munger, Begusrai and Navada.

Maha Svarth Bandhan is Nothing but Big Boss House - PM Modi

PM Modi in Bihar
On all the four rallies PM modi did, the main focus was on jungle raj and Lalu prasad yadav. He also hits out at maga gathbandhan (Grand alliance) said that "it is Maha svarth bandhan (Selfish people's group) which is nothing but a Big Boss House".

Most of the time Pm Modi targeted Lalu prasad yadav, said that he insulted Yadav Community (over beef controversy). "Why devil only come to Laluji only?,Does Devil got correct address?", added Pm Modi.

This time, devil should not get a place not only in Bihar but in the entire country, There is ample Paani(water) and jawani(youth) in Bihar, we must utilize it properly. We can change the state - Prime minister Modi.

Laluji, elections happen but remember you got the power due to support of Yaduvanshis and you have insulted them, Said Modi. Also, today is birth anniversary of Dr. Lohia, PM Modi said that Dr. Lohia always stood for anti-Congressism but there are some who claimed to follow him but they support Congress.

My government at centre will ensure houses for all by 2025, said Mr Modi. There was massive crowd at each places of Modi's Rally. All the opinion poll and Sataa Bazar too decoding BJP's Win in Bihar Assembly Election 2015.

Seems Nitish Kumar's trick to counter Modi with help of lalu is failed. Still we will wait for the 8th November, 2015 for final results.


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