Final Opinion Polls of Bihar Assembly Election 2015

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The final Opinion poll of all news channels is out now for Bihar Assembly Election 2015.Yesterday, 3 more opinion poll has been announced in which 1 opinion poll of India TV - Cvoter has predict NDA's Win while the another two CNN IBN and India Today Cicero predicts Grand Alliance's win. since now all the opinion poll has been announced, we have below mentioned all opinion poll's data.

Final Opinion Polls of Bihar Assembly Election 2015

Bihar Assembly Election 2015
All the Opinion poll predicts win for BJP lead NDA's wiin expect India Today Group-Cicero or ITG-Cicero and CNN-IBN-Axis My India who says JDU - RJD alliance is winning all the way.

CNN-IBN-Axis poll survey predicts the grand alliance's victory with majority seats – 137 and India Today Group-Cicero, JD(U)'s grand alliance may win 122. below is details of all the opinion polls who are declared till date.

Parties –BJP+ (NDA)JD(U)+ (Grand Alliance)Others
CNN-IBN-Axis My India9538%13746%1116%
Zee News14753.8%6440.2%326%

The other one is IBTL's opinion poll, (which matches Zee news opinion poll) predicts clear majority for BJP (119 seats to BJP), 85 seats to Grand Alliance and 14 seats to others. below is their seat sharing graph, region wise.

IBTL has one extra prediction (though its hypothetical) that in case JDU fought the election alone in bihar, they would have sweep the poll by 123 seats, while BJP lead NDA would get 96 seats and RJD+Cong 18 seats. 

It means Nitish Kumar joining hands with Lalu prasad yadav is damaging grand alliance more and helping RJD to win more seats. 

Also that directly shifting their votes to BJP (not any other party, LJP or any other). And that also says that Manjhi and Paswan are equal to benefiting NOTHING to NDA.

NDA has mistaken giving more seats to LJP and HAM, BJP should have fought on more seats, would have gained more.

Still, its pre-poll, lets wait for the Exit polls which will be declared on 5th November, 2015 evening (After final round polling).


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