Cvoter Times NOW Bihar Opinion Poll Round 2

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The latest Opinion Poll on Bihar Poll 2015 From cVoter - Times Now is announced.As per the latest trend, BJP+ is leading all the way and going to form government in bihar after bihar assembly election 2015.
Cvoter Times NOW Bihar Opinion Poll Round 2

Even the BJP's own opinion poll has given clear mandate to BJP+ and Zee news's opinion poll too given clear majority to BJP+.

As per the latest Opinion Poll by cVoter, seat share projections/ranges as per the estimated vote shares BJP+ 109-125 RJD+ 104-120 Others 10-18.

Total Sample Size :- 7786 from 243 assembly constituency. 

As per the 2nd round CVoter Opinion Poll, BJP+ is getting 43% vote share and RJD+ is getting 42% vote share in bihar.

57% Dalit voters are backing BJP+ while just 32% Dalit are with RJd+.
47% Mahdalit are backing bJP+ while 34% Mahadalit with RJD.
Yadav voters are largely trending in a one way operation towards RJD+ alliance. Vote Share breakup BJP+ 29%, RJD+ 67% and Others 4%.

Other Forward caste are with BJP+, almost 77% are backing BJP and 18% with RJD+.

77% Muslims are backing RJD+ Voters while 13% Muslims are backing BJP+.

Kurmis constitute the social support base of CM Nitish Kumar. Voting intention of Kurmis stands at BJP+ 29%, RJD+ 61% and Others 10%.

Koiris, another base of Nitish Kumar, the current voting intentions of Koiri community stand as follows BJP+ 68%, RJD+ 26% and Others 6%.

Bhumihars voting intention based vote shares for Bhumihar community stand as follows BJP+ 81% RJD+ 12% Others 7%.

Paswan is delivering his community votes to NDA, the intention based vote share stands as follows BJP+ 61% RJD+ 32% and Others 7%.


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