BJP Winning 55 seats in First Two Phase - Amit Shah

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At Addressing to the Media in Patna, BJP National president Amit shah claims that BJP alliance already won 55 seats in first 2 phase of elections in bihar 2015. As you know there is assembly poll going in bihar and all political parties are running hard to win the elections.
Amit Shah

Even as per majority of opinion polls had predicted win for BJP lead alliance but after 1st phase of voting, it was come to news that BJP didn't performed better in 1st phase of voting but in 2nd phase of voting, they reclaimed back to top position.

Its been said that earlier phase of polling can influence the later polling so the reason election commission has banned exit polls. So, to target next phase of election which is going to be polled on 28th october 2015.

So, BJP president today made press statement in patna and said that BJP already winning 55 seats in first two phase of election to counter Nitish kumar's poll promise in bihar assembly election 2015.

BJP also had changed their election campaign strategy and increased Prime minister narendra modi's rally from 11 to 13 before 3rd phase of polling. Prime Minister Narendra modi to do more rallies before 4th and 5th phase too.

The election is getting interesting, the final result will be interesting to see.


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