BJP Recrafts Strategy - PM Modi to Hold 40 Rallies in Bihar

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After Prime minister Narendra Modi came from USA, the all focus of BJP and PM Modi is to win bihar with grand victory. As per the sources, BJP has refracted their entire bihar election campaign strategy. Earlier, as we quoted that prime minister modi may hold around 20 public rally in bihar.

BJP Recrafts Strategy - PM Modi to Hold 40 Rallies in Bihar

PM Modi to Hold 40 Rallies
Update :- Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold rallies will be held on October 25, 26 and 27.

But the new news says that prime minster modi will hold around 40 public rallies in bihar. After the Reservation comment by RSS Cheif Mohan Bhagvat, BJP is sidelined bit in opinion polls too but the recent beef controversy added fuel against BJP and most of Yadav and Muslim Voters are shifting to RJD+.

This election campaign will be the biggest one for state election as per PM Modi's public rally. Because in past, In Maharashtra alone he had addressed 24 rallies in a span of ten days. In Jammu and Kashmir he had addressed 9 rallies while in Jharkhand and Delhi it was 11 and five respectively. 

But this time the number of public rallies will be nearly 40 which is highest till date.As per BJP sources, PM Modi may hold 4-5 public rallies in a day. On 8th and 9th october, PM modi will hold 9 public rallies in 2 days.

Also, it is said that pm modi may hold meetings with BJP core group in bihar. BJP President Amit shah also extended his bihar trip for 5 days to 9 days.

The Delhi debacle even prompted the BJP not to field any CM candidate in Bihar and focus only on the Prime Minister's development mantra which has worked for the party in the past. Either, BJP feels that they need to get atlest 125 seats or they are going to get Grand victory and get more Rajya sabha seats from Bihar.

In between, BJP's Star campaigner also holding daily 4-5 public rallies. Nitish kumar and Lalu prasad yadav too holding 4-5 public rallies daily.


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