BJP Changes Strategy Again, 250+ Rallies Before 3rd Phase

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Yes, As per the news, BJP has changed their campaign strategy again. This time emphasis put on local leaders than big leaders. If we believe to the reports, BJP will hold 250+ small public rallies before 3rd phase of polling.

BJP Changes Strategy Again, 250+ Rallies Before 3rd Phase of Polling

As you know the 3rd phase of polling will be done on 28th October, 2015 for 50 seats of assembly election 2015. Prime minister modi will hold nearly 10 public rallies in bihar before 3rd phase of polling.

The reason may be 1st and 2nd phase are not favoring BJP and Navratri (dussehra) also in between before 3rd phase of polling which will directly affect poll campaign. And the reason after Dussehra, political parties will boost election campaign in full swing.

Local BJP Leaders like Sushil Modi, C.P. Thakur, Ashwani Choubey and Hukumdeo Narayan Yadav will lead the campaign (All the local leaders are from different caste). While RJD+ leaders calcimining that its their win and nearly 30-36 seats they are winning in 1st phase and the reason Prime minister modi downgraded from posters.

But the poll observer S N Sinha has different perspective, he said "It’s not off-the-cuff but a well thought out strategy after the first phase poll. The overexposure of their star campaigner — Mr. Narendra Modi — has not gone down well with the voters so the party has been forced to change tack,".

But RJD+ leaders are wrong on observing PM Modi's poll campaigning, Unconfirmed sources, meanwhile, told The Hindu that after “getting not-so-encouraging feedback,” the Prime Minister too could make changes in his Bihar programme. He is all set to address close to 40 poll meetings in the State in the next 12 days.

On the recent rallies of Prime minister modi, there was huge crowed gathered to listen prime minister. But on the other hand, Nitish kumar and lalu prasad yadav also doing daily 7-8 rallies. 

Back to back statements from mohan bhagwat about restructuring of reservation system has given big impact on BJP Voters. Which is directly helping RJD+ alliance.

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  1. 54 seats will for JDU+ after 1st. and 2nd. phase poll in bihar assembly elections 2015