53% voting in 3rd phase - Less Than Expected

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In 3rd phase of polling in bihar for assembly election, 53% voting has been registered, Comparing to -earlier two phase, where 57-58% voting was registered, in 3rd phase it was less than expectation. Expect few incidents, the polling was smoothly done in all areas.

In 3rd phase, again women voters are in more numbers than male voters. out of all the voters, 54% voters are female voters (which is concern for MGB alliance).

Also, in compare to rural ares, Urban area shown less interest in voting in 3rd phase and earlier phase too (Which is repeated in this phase of polling too).

Total 808 candidates were contesting for 50 seats in 3rd phase of polling, nitish kumar, Lalu prasad yadav, rabdi devi, and all other has castes their votes in 3rd phase. 

Narendra Modi to address 5 more rallies in bihar in upcoming days before last two phase of polling.

In one of incident, son of lalu prasad yadav was beaten up by some villagers over allegation of Eve-teasing. Later, Officials has take care of incident and polling keep going.

Also, at the booth, where CM nitish kumar caste vote, a monkey bite 3 people, and one small aged girl found death after money bites. the incident happened just after the CM goes out after casting vote. The people who found angry argued and raised slogans against nitish kumar.

NDA's internal survey given 35-38 seats to BJP+ in 3rd phase of polling. Amit shah already claimed that NDA won 55 seats in first two phase of polling.

Overall, The election is getting interesting day by day. Only less than week left before last phase of election. the 4th phase of election will be done on 1st november, 2015. 5th phase polling is on 5th november and in the evening of 5th phase, all exit polls will be available to decide who winning Bihar Election 2015.


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