4th Phase Voting in Bihar - Voting Percentage

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In 4th phase of polling, which was going to cast their votes on 1st november, 2015, in which 7 districts 55 seats will cast their votes. 1.47 crore voters and 776 candidate's faith will be decided in 4th phase of polling.

Update :- In 4th phase of polling, final fig. of voting percentage is 58%. BJP looks quite ahead in voting now, all satta bazar (across india) given clean sweep for NDA(BJP).

As per the ground reports, BJP is holding strong hand in 4th phase (just like 3rd phase).Total voters in 4th phase is 1,46,93,294. Districts which are in 4h phase is Muzaffarpur, siwan,gopalgunj, shivhar, sitamadh, east and west champaran.

From MGB side, 26 candidates of RJD,21 candidates of JDU and 8 candidates of Congress will contest and from BJP+ side, 42 candidates of BJP, 4 of LJP, 5 of RLSP, and 4 candidates of HAM party will contest.

In 2010 election, JDU-BJP had clean swiped this 7 districts, but this time the chemistry and maths is different.

Total voting percentage of 4th phase polling will be known at 1st november only, we will keep you update on this.

Prime minister narendra modi did 2 public rally on 30th October (last day of campaigning for 4th phase) in Gopal Gunj and Mujaffarpur.

Below is banner showed in PM modi's Rally at Muzaffarpur;
 After 4th phase, only last phase 5th phase of polling is left, which is on 5th november and after that on 8th november, you will get results of bihar assembly election 2015.


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