Zee News Opinion Poll - massive win for Narendra Modi-led NDA

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Zee News has conducted opinion poll for upcoming Bihar assembly election 2015. The latest opinion poll of Zee News has predicted massive win of 2/3 seats for BJP led NDA in bihar assembly election 2015.

Zee News Opinion Poll - massive win for Narendra Modi-led NDA

The sample size of this opinion poll is 30000-31000 people. This opinion poll was conducted on Telephone and has covered all 243 assembly constituency of bihar. Check out the statistics of zee news opinion poll below;

The pre poll survey indicates that 50.8 percent electorate is expected to vote for NDA, while 42.5 percent for grand alliance and 6.7 percent will opt for Others.
Which means there is nearly 8% of vote share gap between NDA and Janta parivar, which is quite big and will impact hard on seat winning.

NDA will bag 140 Assembly seats and the grand alliance will secure 70. Where 33 seats are those which will have quite tough competition between both of the alliance.

The most shocking part of this opinion poll is 42% of Muslims voter said that they are going to vote for NDA led alliance. if such thing happen, it will be big point to worry for JDU-RJD Alliance. After India Today opinion poll, Zee news is 2nd opinion poll which predicted win for NDA Alliance.

Bihar also want the Modi-led NDA. 52 percent women electorate is expected to go to NDA, 40.5 percent to Nitish-led alliance and 7.5 percent will opt for Others.

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  1. upper cast 12 % musalman 1.7 YADAV 2.5 KUSWAHA 4% DALIT 8% baniya tsle 8% EXTRA EBC 11% means bjp nda will getting 147 seats an