Samajwadi Party Exits From Janta Parivar - Anti-Modi Alliance splits

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Ahead of Bihar Vidhansabha polls, its major blow to Nitish Kumar and lalu prasad yadav. Samajwadi party (one of the biggest party of Janta Parivar), who supported nitish kumar as chief minister candidate for bihar (instead of Lalu prasad yadav) is out of Janta parivar.

Samajwadi Party Exits From Janta Parivar - Anti-Modi Alliance splits

Samajwadi Party Exits From Janta Parivar
It was called Grand Alliance or biggest Anti-BJP alliance ahead of Bihar assembly election 2015. But today Samajwadi party's parliamentary board meeting has decided that they will fight alone in bihar poll.

SP National General Secretary Ram Gopal Yadav told reporters that "In Bihar the party will contest separately. The bigger parties in the alliance did not consult us while declaring seats due to which the SP felt humiliated. This is not the 'gatbandhan dharma'".

Rumors started earlier when Ram Gopal Yadav met BJP president Amit shah.

Earlier, Lalu prasad yadav decided that they will give 5 seats out of 243 seats to Samajwadi party for bihar election. NCP who was with JDU and RJD has already out of this alliance and they are joining hands with CPI(M).

The local leader of Samajwadi party of bihar was seat on dharna and demanded 25 seats for samajwadi party in bihar from Janta parivar alliance.

Who will get benefit of this?

Well, frankly no one will get benefit. if SP were contested to 25 seats, it would be benefiting BJP. Since SP only fetch 1-2% of votes in Bihar, they don't have big presence in Bihar (as much they have in UP).

Though, there are chance that they may still join hands (but vary rare). Also, now there are high chance that RJD also get separate and start campaigning alone. If RJD gets out of Janta parivar, it will benefit BJP for sure.

we need to see how this picture goes, as this match will go till last ball, stay tuned.


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