Rahul Gandhi to Host Public Rally At Champaran (Bihar)

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To kick off Election Campaign in Bihar, Rahul Gandhi to hold public rally at Champaran on 19th September,2015. Chamapran is the place from where Mahatma Gandhi had launched his first satyagraha for indigo farmers in 1917.

Rahul Gandhi to Host Public Rally At Champaran (Bihar)

Rahul Gandhi
As you know recently, Modi Government has roll backed on Land Acquisition Bill (of which Congress was quite aggressive and doesn't let the bill passed from Lower house of parliament). Rahul Gandhi to hold rally and to encase this opportunity to make it big issue and to become leader of Farmers.

The Champaran rally is part of the Congress party’s year-long programme to celebrate the 125th birth anniversary of Dalit icon and architect of Indian Constitution, BR Ambedkar.

IT also confirmed that Lalu prasad Yadav and nitish kumar too going to join Rahul Gandhi on this mega event.This is why Congress was kin to join hands of nitish kumar (JDU) and thats which forced Lalu prasad yadav to join in mahagathbandhan.

Rahul Gandhi may hold 2-3 Rally before 12th October as it is the date of 1st phase voting. We will keep you update on rahul gandhi's campaign schedule in bihar.


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