India Tv Opinion poll Bihar 2015 (CVoter)

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India TV - CVoter has announced the 1st Opinion Poll for Bihar Assembly Election 2015. The latest opinion poll says that Lalu-nitish Grand Alliance will win and form government in Bihar 2015. 

India Tv Opinion poll Bihar 2015 (CVoter)

As per the India Tv Opinion poll, RJD, Janata Dal(U) and Congress in Bihar is projected to win within a range of 116-132 seats while BJP lead alliance will win 94-110 seats, 13-21 seats will goes to others.

The caste based vote bank is not yet broken by BJP and alliance. Nitish has quite strong forward caste vote bank and lalu yadav has muslim + yadav vote bank which is yet to shift on BJP's side.

Yashwant Deshmukh (from CVoter) said that Every 4th BJP supporter prefers Nitish as Bihar CM and every 3rd JDU supporter prefers NaMo as PM of India. which is quite huge overlap. BJP Loosing at forward caste vote bank.

Below is the statistical data of  India Tv Opinion poll Bihar 2015 (CVoter)';-

1. Irrespective of party you support/vote; which alliance do you think will win in the coming Bihar elections? NDA 56% UPA 36% Others 8% 

2. Projected Vote Share for Bihar Vidhan Sabha 2015 elections. NDA 40% UPA 43% Others 17% 

3. Top 5 CM candidates' leadership ratings. Nitish Kumar 53% Sushil Modi 18% Laloo Yadav 5% Shatrughan Sinha 4% Shahnawaz Hussain 4%

4. which alliance can resolve Bihar's problems in a better manner? NDA 36% UPA 25% Don't Know/Can't Say 39%.

5. who do you hold responsible for Bihar's problems/issues? UPA 52% NDA 35% Local 2%

Sample size of India TV CVoter Opinion Poll :- As per the Cvoter 10636 were surveyed and all 243 constituency are covered under this.

This survey was took place at August last week and September 1st week 2015.

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