2014 Lok-Sabha elections statistics in Bihar

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Here is statistics of 2014 Loksabha Election of Bihar. In 2014 Loksabha election, BJP+ (NDA) won 31 seats in which BJP won 22 seats, LJP (paswan) won 6, Upendra Khushwaha's RLSP won 3 seats in 2014's General election.

2014 Lok-Sabha elections statistics in Bihar

So, as per General election 2014, BJP was ahead on 122 seats, 34 seats for LJP and 17 for RLSP Party (as per assembly seats) out of 243. Which is total 173 seats in NDA's part. But at that time RJD and JDU was contested separately and because of that Yadav vote bank and muslim votes were parted 3 times.

As per 2014 election of loksabha, RJD was ahead on 32 assembly seats, Nitish Kumar' JDU was ahead on 18 assembly seats, congress was ahead on 14 seats and NCP on 5 seats.

If we differentiate bihar in caste based part than there are Tirhut-saran (which has 78 assembly seats, where BJP+ sweeps in 2014), Mithila (which as 37 assembly seats, out of 27 won by BJP+), Magadh-bhojpur (which has 69 assembly seats out of on 58 seats BJP+ was ahead), kosi-simanchal (which has 37 seats out of BJP+ had 4 seats only, all other seats goes to RJD-JDU), and Angika (which has 27 seats out of 18 seats were with BJP+).

The above statistics are enough to say why nitish kumar joined RJD and congress ahead of Bihar election. If nitish kumar and lalu parasad yadav wasn't in alliance, BJP would have easily sweeped bihar assembly election 2015.

Let's, wait for election results of 2015 vidhan sabha election, than only it will clear that who wins bihar :).


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