Yadav Community Extended Support to JD(U)

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Ahead of Bihar Assembly Election 2015, Yadav Community pledged to give full support to JD(U). Since we all know that RJD had the biggest vote bank from Yadav as RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav is from Yadav community and used say that leader of Yadavs.

Since Yadav are biggest vote bank in bihar, They are nearly 15% of total votes in bihar. Earlier, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi try to woo Yadav voters by giving reference of Dwarka, Gujarat Mandir which is of Lord Krishna who is the main devotee of yadav community.

When there were alliance formed in Bihar between RJD and JDU, JDU leaders are in confusion about how caste vote bank will be joined. But now RJD chief has successfully given green node from yadav community, as they will vote for RJD and JDU in upcoming elections.

No doubt this will create big issue for BJP but earlier trends in Bihar election shows that caste will be not big issue while voting for bihar assembly election 2015. 80% people said that they are going to vote for development, which is good for BJP only.

Only 60 days (approx) left for the bihar election and such news from caste leaders will defiantly bring hot news for political parties. 

Recent trends not good for bjp as, Lalu yadav, nitish kumar, mulayam singh, arvind kejriwal, and rahul gandhi all the opposition party will try to defeat BJP in upcoming election.

Lets wait for the announcement of Election date of bihar assembly election 2015, once the code of conduct has been applied, there will be more news on the way ;)


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