Twitter Interaction of Nitish Kumar at #NKLetterToModi

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On 5th August 2015, Nitish Kumar done Twitter interaction at #NKLetterToModi hash tag with their supporter over their open letter. Nitish kumar, who once said that "chidiya se kya hota hain" (social media is nothing) is now using social media for bihar election 2015. Here is few question answers of Nitish Kumar's twitter chat.

Twitter Interaction of Nitish Kumar at #NKLetterToModi

Nitish Kumar at CM office

1. When Ravish Kumar Asked "Who will be Depty Chief minister in next government, if Janta Parivar Won Bihar election 2015?"
2. When Ravish Kumar Asked why you are not attending any Janta Parivar Program? Will you share stage with Lalu prasad yadav in upcoming days?
3. When BBC Hindi asked him why are you creating issue of "bihari people", when Narendra Modi commented on you, not on Bihari people?
4. When ravish kumar asked "are you arrogant"?
5. Which is biggest failure of yours as CM? - Ravish Kumar asked to Nitish Kumar..
6. When Bupendra Chaubey asked him that do you think that alliance with Lalu will dent your image?
7. When Rahul Kanwal (india today journalist) asked nitish Kumar that Don't you think jungle raj of Lalu will give biggest albatross around your neck? Nitish Kumar didn't answered him on this tweet.
8. Nitish Kumar even not replied to one of his supporter who wrote open letter to him for demanding explanation over joining hands with lalu.
. These are the glimpse of nitish kumar's first ever online interaction.


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