Seat Sharing Formula of NDA - BJP+LJP+HAM for Bihar Election

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The biggest alliance for Bihar election 2015 is made under BJP. Where BJP is the major and biggest party as of now who broke alliance with JDU and joined hands with LJP and HAM. BJP who is quite aggressive for Bihar Assembly Election 2015,is in no mood to make blunder with seat sharing, so they are in talks with LJP and HAM.

Seat Sharing Formula of NDA - BJP+LJP+HAM for Bihar Election

Seat Sharing Formula of NDA

Update :- Out of Total seat 243, BJP 160, LJP (paswan) 40, RLSP(khushwaha) 23 HAM 20 (manjhi) to contest bihar vidhan sabha election 2015.

As per the first hand information, Jiten Ram Manjhi (ex CM of Bihar and president of HAM) demanding 60 seats. On the seats where SC/ST (dalit votes) are having majority. jiten ram manjhi is claim to be the biggest maha dalit neta as of now in bihar.

Also, on the other hand, Mr. Paswan's party LJP is also eyeing for 50 seats in bihar vidhan sabha election. But the biggest party BJP (bhartiya janta party) wants to contest on at lest 180 seats. So as per the current demand of seats HAM + LJP wants 110 seats.

So BJP left with 130 seats only out of which 10 seats for others, which ends at 120 seats only. Defiantly BJP will not settle at 120 seats because if they want to win Bihar election, they must fight on 180-185 seats because of Emphasis of NaMo in General election. They will try to contest on maximum seats.

There is more to come, keep visiting us, we will keep you update with more updates on Bihar election, stay tuned.


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