Seat Sharing Formula of Janta Parivar - JDU+RJD+Cong

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The biggest political alliance is made in Bihar for upcoming bihar vidhan sabha election 2015. Th election date of Bihar election is yet to announce but the seat sharing is all set (which is most important and crucial phase of any political alliance) to start.

Seat Sharing Formula of Janta Parivar - JDU+RJD+Cong

Update:- Today Janta Parivar officially announced their Seat sharing (final) formula. As per the Formula, JDU and RJD both will contest 100 seats each, congress will contest on 40 seats and NCP on 3 seats.

Seat Sharing Formula of Janta Parivar
Update :- NCP is not happy with current formula, they are demanding more seats and also SP (samajwadi party) also wants seats in janta parivar.

Now waiting for NDA (BJP, LJP, and HAM) to announce their seat sharing details and Election commission to announce Bihar Assembly election date 2015.

Though there is no official announcement made on seat sharing by Janta Parivar but as per the sources, nitish kumar from JDU has proposed following seat sharing formula. As per the latest information, JDU and RJD both will share same seats. JDU and RJD will contest on 105 seats each and 30 seats will be given to congress and 3 seat to NCP, Total seats in bihar assembly is 243.

Any political party will need 122 seats to form government.

In last bihar assembly election 2010, Cong got 40 seats, but this time new political alliance giving him 30 seats only. On which vice president of Rahul Gandhi to take decision (to fight on 30 seats or to fight alone).

In Last assembly election, RJD won 22 seats but in last 2014 general election (as per MLA Seats) they got more seats than JDU. And Janta parivar already announced Nitish Kumar as Chief minister candidate of Janta parivar for Bihar. RJD Chief Lalu prasad yadav is not able to contest this time because he has been aligned of "chara ghotala", he cannot contest, as per law.

There is no other leader from RJD who is big enough to counter Nitish Kumar, so RJD joined hands with JDU. Now, on the dies of seat sharing, it will be tough contest for sure.

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