Narendra Modi Public Rally in Bhagalpur

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Today on 1st September, 2015, Prime minister narendra modi is going to address a public rally in Bhagalpur Bihar. This is 4th Public rally of Prime minister narendra modi for BJP+ in last 30 days.

Narendra Modi Public Rally in Bhagalpur

Narendra Modi Public Rally in Bhagalpur

Bhagalpur is having presense of Maoist, earlier for 30 yaers BJP's ashwani kumar choubey being selected as MLA from Bhagalpur seat. But in 2010, it was gone to Congress side (since ashwani kumar choubey vacant seat and contested and won MP election) in by poll, BJP will try to get this seat again as its quite important seat, which directly affect 5 more MLA seats in bihar.

Other seats like Bihpur, bhagalpur, Gopalpur, Pirpainti (SC), Kahalgaon and Nathnagar assembly seats are under bhagalpur seats or near by it.

The venue of Bhagalpur rally is World War-2 airbase of bhagalpur, where BJP officials said that nearly 50000 (5lac)people to be expected to come.Its 240-acre spread is much larger than the 64-acre Sandy's Compound and the 59-acre Gandhi Maidan in Patna, which accommodate about 200,000 people each.

Before a day ago, Nitish kumar, lalu prasad yadav and sonia gandhi together hold swabhiman rally, hope this rally will answer all aligation done by these leaders.

Last year in 2014, Narendra modi addressed rally at bhagalpur on 15th April, 2014. Narendra modi in bhagalpur may announce new railway sub devision only for bhagalpur.

You can watch live telecaste of Narendra modi's Bhagalpur rally here, tomorrow at 12 PM onwards.


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