Black flags shown to Arvind Kejriwal at Patna airport

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Today, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal visited Patna Bihar. He will begin here bihar chapater in bromance with nitish kumar. nitish kumar hosted good governance seminar for Arvind kejriwal in patna, bihar. 

Looking at upcoming assembly poll in bihar, Arvind kejriwal declared that he will support Nitish Kumar and party in upcoming elections. He said that BJP lead centre government not allowing Delhi government to function and in governance.

Black flags shown to Arvind Kejriwal at Patna airport

Arvind Kejriwal at Patna airport
But when Arvind kejriwal arrived at patna airport in morning, some Anna hazare supporter shown black flags to arvind kejriwal. Also changed "Go Back Kejriwal" slogans to oppose arvind kejriwal in bihar.

Mr Kejriwal has said his Aam Aadmi Party will not field any candidates in Bihar to ensure that "anti-BJP votes are not split".

On this visit Arvind kejriwal praised nitish kumar and said that he has learn a lot from nitish kumar. Nitish kumar has done very good growth in bihar, he is impressed with nitish kumar's governance style.

In response, nitish kumar also thanked arvind kejriwal and demanded full statehood for delhi and special status for bihar from prime minister narendra modi.

Bihar is the first state election after Delhi and the BJP hopes to erase the nightmare of six months ago.


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