Bihar Election Opinion Poll August 2015

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What would be Result of Bihar Assembly Election 2015 if election held now? Here is the first opinion poll on Bihar Election 2015. As per the current opinion poll, Both are going on almost equal side.

Bihar Election Opinion Poll August 2015

As per the survey from Zee News and Aajtak - Cicro, 43 % people supports nitish while 44 % people on Narendra modi's side. Rest are not sure yet.

86% people believe that This time main agenda of Election is development, very less people believe in cast, and governance as election agenda.

65% people believe that Narendra Modi will be voting factor in upcoming assembly election in bihar. While on the other side, Nitish Kumar is 1st choice as Chief Minster (still) and Sushil Kumar modi is on 2nd spot.

33% Muslim Voter will vote NDA (Narendra Modi Govt) and rest still on side of Nitish Kumar. 40% people believe that JDU's DNA issue is worth less and 30% believe in yes it will work.

Majority believe that Rs.1.25cr Lac's package will gain vote for NDA. 

So, as per the opinion poll of bihar on August 3rd week, both NDA and Janta parivar going cut to cut vote bank.


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