Assam Assembly Election Opinion Poll 2016

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Election Date of Assam Assembly Election 2016 is announced, with this, the new opinion polls are also started to announce. Here is the list of latest opinion poll on Assam Assembly Election 2016.

Assam Assembly Election Opinion Poll 2016

News/poll BJP+ Congress+ Others
India TV/ Cvoter 57 44 25
AAJTAK - - -
Times NOW -- -- --
IBN7 - - -

Polling Date for Assam Assembly Election :- 4th April and 11th April, 2016

Result Announcement :- Counting of votes will be on 19th May, 2016.

NDA Wins By-poll - Set Back for Congress, SP

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On 16th February, 2016 there was by poll in 12 seats of different assembly seats across the country. Out of 12, BJP lead NDA wins 7 seats while huge setback for Congress and SP in some states. Below is detail analysis of By poll results of 16th Feb.

On 13th Feb, 12 assembly seats of UP, Bihar, MP, Punjab, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tripura and Telangana. below is seat wise result of By-poll of assembly seats.
As you can see above, BJP lead NDA won 7 seat out of 12 seats today. Though, most of them seats are retained by them while Congress lose a lot in Karnataka and Samajwadi party in Uttar Pradesh. Both Congress and samajwadi party are ruling parties in karnataka and UP respectively.

While in Punjab, Both Congress and AAP didn't fight election and gifted Khadoor Sahib seat to Akali Dal. But Yogendra Yadav's Swaraj Abhiyan did fought by election but lose it (who are planing to fight punjab assembly election seriously next year). AAP who is raising star in Punjab also opted out not to fight by poll and to strengthen main assembly election.

BJP, Shiv Sena and RLSP retained their seats in Maharashtra, Madhya pradesh and Bihar. Where Congress performed very poorly and failed to use anti incumbency in all 3 states. TRS (which is newly formed party after divided from Congress) is ruling Telangana and won this by poll with huge margin.

In Uttar Pradesh,its a huge set back for Ruling party SP and main opposition BSP who both failed to get seats. Though, SP won Bikapur seat (actually retained) but lose Muzzafar nagar and deoband seat. UP is going in assembly polls next year and this shows quite huge anti-incumbency in UP against Ruling party.

After Bihar and Gujarat's election where BJP even failed to retain power is coming back to track while opposition still found devised and clueless.

Can BJP Win Assam Assembly Election?

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This summer 2016, it’s political sunburn with almost 4 assembly elections in a row. Assam Election is also one of them big challenging election for Saffron party since back to back setback from Delhi and Bihar, they are on back foot plus there is no other state election where they can score high as assam. 
Can BJP Win Assam Assembly Election

In fact in assam too, since last 15 years, Tarun Gogoi’s Congress Government is ruling state peacefully but all sudden BJP becomes the hot favorite party to win Assam assembly election just after 2014 Loksabha Election.

In 2014 LS election, Saffron party won 7 out of 14 seats and put major setback on long living tarun gogoai’s government. Though, it was modi wave which bring BJP on top of the point table but its been almost 2 years since the last election and after that Modi wave is also officially over, which confirmed in Delhi and Bihar Assembly Elections.

So, apart from Assam, states which are going in election this summer are Tamil nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Assam, out of Assam, in all other states BJP is almost 0 MLA party. In fact in Assam too, they have only 5 MLAs but LS election made them hot favorite.

Can BJP Win Assam Election 2016?

1. 15 years of Anti-incumbency:- The current Government of Tarun Gogoi is fighting with 15 years of Anti-incumbency with poor health of Road, infrastructure in state, it will be tough for congress to answer on them. Also, electricity and water supply and other basic needs for human being are not very well organized. Governance model also questionable.

But at the same time, anti incumbency of Central Government will be big question for BJP to answer. The all poll promise which made by Narendra Modi are not yet fulfilled. Dal Price, Bangladesi immigrants are big questions to answer for BJP.

2. Illegal immigrant’s issue: - It was one of the big issue raised by Narendra Modi at the time of loksabha election which brings lot of votes for BJP in 2014 election. Tarun Gogoi government has been always questioned for favoring bangladesi muslims and same question was raised during 2014 election campaign by narendara modi.

But when it comes to solve the issue, Central government has signed boarder dispute problem and solved 30 year old border issue with Bangladesh with exchanging lands. In which, lots of Bangladesh village are comes in to india and assam lost many villages under this MOU.

At this front, both congress and BJP need to answer what they did for assam over illegal immigrants issues.

3. Assam’s Demographic change: - As per 2011 census,  Assam is now officially 2nd big state with highest muslim population after Jammu and Kashmir. Assam has now 34% muslim population (out of which most of them are Bangladeshi muslims). And for which Congress government need to answer.

But nothing has been done or possible to do now so, this Demographic change is now favouring congress and the same time quite a big issue for them to win this upcoming election in Assam.

While answering this challenge, BJP woos Adivasi and tribal areas’ population who were seeking special status and SC/ST status from center. BJP lead government has approved to give SC/ST status to few castes.

4. Political Map of Assam: - The most important thing is which party alliance with whom. Here we have major political parties like Congress, BJP, AGP, Bodoland people’s Front, AIUDF. While playing master stroke, BJP already did pre-poll alliance with Bodoland people’s front and now almost eyeing to have alliance with AGP.

AGP who were formed on the principle of opposite of Congress will either play it alone or will have alliance with BJP or may fight on limited seats. While AIUDF who have image of repetitive of Bangladeshi muslims are keen to have alliance with Congress. And for congress to it will be good that the opposition votes are not divided in 3 side which indirectly will help bjp to gain in Assam assembly election.

But on the other hand, Congress is worried to join hands with AIUDF as it will directly made them allay of illegal immigrants, for which they already suffered huge set back in 2014. So from political map, BJP is favorite party (as of now).

But congress with 74 seats in 120 assembly house is having quite strong foot hold in assam tribal areas is confident to fight alone in upcoming assembly election.

5. Chief Minister Candidate: -
Learning from Bihar’s loss, BJP has already declared Sarbananda Sonowal (union minister of sports) as Chief Minister Candidate. Sarbananda Sonowal is 53 year old, having good experience in politics, currently MP from Assam,former AGP leader and student union leader have quite strong image in assam.

Sarbananda Sonowal having direct with Tarun Gogoi since congress denied changing their CM face. 82 year old Tarun Gogoi is all set to lead congress again in upcoming assembly election. Tarun gogoi is having 15 years of governance experience while Sarbananda Sonowal is Young, Dynamic, Fresh face for assam, popular in Youth.

6. Election Campaign in Assam :-  Tarun Gogoi is too confident that he even denied to getting help of Prashant Kishor Who was master mind to defeat BJP in Bihar Assembly Election 2015. On the other side, Prashant Kishor and Nitish Kumar tried hard to have Bihar style mahagathbandhan in Assam too.

On the other side BJP trying hands with Harvard graduate Rajat Sethi, who is preparing vision document for BJP in assam called " Assam Nirman". After Prashant Kishore's exit from BJP camp, Rajat Sethi is new social cell boy for BJP who will handle campaign for BJP in Assam.

While The star campaigner of BJP already in grounds. Narendra Modi, Sonowal and other leaders already kicked off campaign in assam while Congress still found asleep.

So, from all the above points it looks 50-50 chance for both BJP and Congress to win Assam Assembly Election. What you think? Do share your thoughts in comment box below.

Upcoming Elections in 2016 [India]

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2016 will be quite more exited for indian politics. As there are so many elections in india in 2016.There are 4 assembly elections and many by-polls are going to held in 2016. Here we are giving you much detail about Upcoming Elections in india.

Upcoming Elections in 2016 [India]

Upcoming Elections in 2016
1. Gujarat Choryasi Assembly Seat By poll

As the Seating MLA Shri Rajendrabhai Patel's unfortunate death, the seat was vacant. Now the by poll is announced for Choryasi Assembly Seat where the polling will be done on 21st January,2016. BJP has given ticket to Jankhna Hitesh Patel (daughter of Rajendrabhai patel.

Check :- Choryasi Assembly Seat Result (BJP Wins Choryasi By Poll)

2. Assam Assembly Election 2016

As the current assembly house is going to finish its tenure, the new fresh assembly election will be soon announced. The expected date of Assam Assembly Election is April, 2016. In assam, Congress is the ruling party where Sh. Tarun Gogai (CM) is ruling Assam since last 15 years. Assam is for Congress is what Gujarat is to BJP. Congress ruled every civic body poll and much more. But for the first time, BJP is showing some light.

with 34% of Muslim population, it will be hard for BJP to gain but forming alliance with local parties like Bodo people's front, BJP trying hard to get some more seats. BJP has currently 5 MLA out of 129 seats of assembly.

Read our single page update post for Assam Assembly Election 2016.

3. Kerala Assembly Election 2016

Kerala Legislative Assembly house to finish its 5 year tenure in April, 2016 it self. Same as Assam, in Kerala too, Congress lead UDF is in power since long. But in Kerala, unlike assam, BJP has equal to zero presence but recent win of BJP in civic poll, gives some hope to party members.. The main opposition is CPI (M) lead LDF. Out of 140 assembly seats, UDF ruling on 72 seats.

4. Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2016

Tamil Nadu to going for assembly election in April, 2016. After poor performance during Chennai Flood, AIADMK is under pressure to perform well. AIADMK is performing well in all elections, civic polls, loksabha election or any other election. Its hard for DMK to win upcoming election. But after chennai flood, there is some % of anti-incumbency in tamil nadu, lets see who wins it. BJP again almost negative in tamil nadu.

5. West Bengal Assembly Election 2016

TMC lead government also going to finish their tenure in April, 2016. CM Mamta Banargee looks like again going to rule. Left Party CPI (M) is all set to join hands with congress to defeat TMC in upcoming election. BJP did try their hands but in all local body election and other elections (by election) they lose badly. The only hope for BJP is that from last assembly election to 2014 election, their vote share increased from 7% to 14%. Seems they will help TMC to win (by dividing opposition votes).

6. Puducherry Assembly election 2016

The small state, union territory is going to election in 2016. AINRC is ruling party with 15 assembly seats out of 30 while congress is biggest opposition party. AIADMK is also big party in Puducherry. 

7. 13 Municipal ward of Delhi 

BJP lead Municipal corporation to have by poll this year for 13 wards which are vacant since last delhi assembly election 2015. AAP govt was not following the norms and had delayed election by long time, but after High court's intervention, they are going for by polls for 13 wards.

8. Upcoming By poll in State Assembly Constituency  

Apart from above mentioned elections, India to have 12 more By poll in assembly constituency where new MLA to be elected. These states are Bihar,Karnataka, MP, Punjab, Telngana, Tripura, and UP. All the above assembly constituency by poll will held on 13th Feb, 2016 and result will be declared on 16th feb.

Note :- In Punjab's Khadoor sahib seat, Yogendra Yadav lead Swaraj abhiyan also going to contest election (before forming political party). AAP, SAD, Congress also going to fight in this by poll. 

Overall, with respect to upcoming election in 2016, 2016 looks more crucial for Congress than BJP. Congress under pressure to retain Kerala and Assam while for BJP, its all gain.

Choryasi Assembly Bypoll Election Results 2016

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After unfortunate death of Seating MLA Rajendrabhai Patel, the by poll is announced on Choryasi Assembly seat. Choryasi Assembly seat is in Surat District of South Gujarat. In Gujarat, Currently BJP is ruling with 116 seats.

Choryasi Assembly Bypoll Election Results 2016

 Choryasi Assembly Bypoll

Update :- The result is declared for Choryasi assembly  by-poll, BJP's Jankhna Patel won election by almost 43k votes.

 Update :- At today's voting day, Choryasi Assembly constituency registered 38.04% of voting. The result will be announced on Sunday.

Update :- From Congress side,Dhansukh Rajput will contest against Jankhna patel in Choryasi Assembly By Poll Election 2016.Dhansukh Rajput is 3 time municipal councillor of Surat.

Party Candidate Votes Percentage of votes
BJP Jankhna patel 90,089 61%
Congress  Dhansukh rajput 46,651 31%

Others Gets 8% vote share in Choryas By-poll.

BJP' state parliamentary board has decided to filed Jankhna Hitesh Patel to contest Choryasi Assembly Election 2016. Jankhna is daughter of late MLA Rajendra patel. She is mother of two kids and home science graduate.

Congress is yet to filed his candidate. The polling date of Choryasi Assembly Election is 21st January,2016. Choryasi election is one of the upcoming election in india. We will update the election results of Choryasi Assembly Bypoll as soon as it is announced.

Talking to Indian Express, Jankhna patel said that she is contesting election for the first time but her father was quite popular in this area, he done lots of good work and she will win the election with good numbers.

Choryasi Assembly Seat is in rural Gujarat where BJP recently lost Panchayat elections. It is important election for BJP as they has to retain seat plus to save reputation. And when we talk about Gujarat, it always gain for congress, anything.

[Read Here] Secrete Files of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

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Government of india has just released Secrete Files of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on the occasion of Birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Some unbelievable truths are coming out with Secrete files of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

The first secrete we got to know is that Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Called "War Criminal" to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose while mentioning to Prime Minister of England. Also, it has been reviled that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was died on Plan Crash and his "अस्थिया" were kept in Temple of Japan.

It has been also reveled that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's family member were kept in under house arrest and secrete surveillance was made on them. Below is some files which are reveled today by Prime Minister Modi.

And the important file Nehru mentions Bose as "War Criminal"..
Nehru mentions Bose as "War Criminal"
You can read all 100 files reveled by Government of india at portal. Every month 25 files will be reveled on this portal related to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Here is some updates related to Secrete Files of Netaji;

Caste-Religion Wise Assam Population

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Here is Caste and Religion wise population of Assam. Assam is one of the border states of india where assam share majority parts with Bangladesh (neighbor country of india). Since after Bangladesh born (separated from Pakistan) there was almost no boundary wall between assam and Bangladesh. But still assam holds majority of Hindu population.

Caste-Religion Wise Assam Population

Assam Population
As per the census of 2011, total population of Assam is 31 million. Assam shows surprising demographic change, especially in minority population. Ofcourse, for the first time in 2011, after independence, india’s population gone below 80%, but assam showed some interesting and surprising figures. 

As per the census 2011, Assam has now 34% muslim population (by which, assam is 2nd state of india which have largest muslim population after Kashmir). Most of the other state has showed 5-10% growth in muslim population in india but assam surprisingly shown 29% of growth in 2011 census.

Religion Wise Assam Population

  • Hindu :- 61.46%
  • Muslims :- 34.22%
  • Christians :- 3.73%
  • Buddhisiam :- 0.17%
  • Jainism :- 0.08%
  • Sikhism :- 0.06%

Language wise Assam populations

As per language, Assamese still quite popular language in assam, which share almost 53% population. Bengali speaking people are also huge, they share 30% population who speaks Bengali, while National language Hindi is at 3rd place which have just 6.40% share. Bodo is 4th popular language in assam which share 5.29%. Other languages like Nepali, Santali, Oriya, Manipuri,  shares nearly 5% in total.

Politics of assam

Despite huge hindu population, BJP is not even have 10% candidates in assembly house. Congress is ruling assam since last 15 years under CM Tarun Gogai’s Leadership. Other major political parties like AIUDF (Which mostly work for betterment of Bangladeshi muslims), AGP (Assam Gona Parishad), and Bodoland people’s party (which fights for separate bodoland which having 5% population in assam). Assam to go in assembly election this year, lets wait for new government.

Since government of india has not released caste wise population data, we didn’t get it.

Above is schedule caste wise population of each districts of assam. Kaibartta and namasudra have largest Schedule caste population. All other district share 2-3% of schedule caste population.

source :- Census india 2011.